Welcome to LEVIT8 EDUC8. We bring you tips to make you better at one thing or the other with this section. This week, we are looking at habits that can help your finances. Go ahead and read it up:

Habits can be the key player for  wealth, poverty, happiness, sadness, stress, good relationships, bad relationships, good health, or bad health. Mastering your money can come down to establishing a few smart habits. Here are some smart habits that will help you financially.

1. Learn/Read up on Finances: Yes, do well to read books or enrol for sessions that center around Financial management, financial independence, investments, including reading autobiographies of highly successful millionaires and billionaires and lots more. Rich people tend to read and learn. Read, gain insights and liberate your mind. Unlock your mind  with knowledge required for your finances

2. Wake early: It will help in making your day more productive. Wealthy people tend to wake up early. In a five-year study of hundreds of millionaires, Thomas C. Corley found that nearly 50 percent of millionaires woke up at least three hours before their work day actually began. Waking up early is not a guarantee that you will become a millionaire, but it is almost certain that your day will be more productive.

3. Build your A-Team Friends: Your A-Team friends are people with aligned worldviews and thought patterns just like you. Your circle of friends will to a big extent determine your height of influence in life. “A billionaire that keeps non-millionaires as best friends is likely to lose his/her billionaire status due to his/her circle of influence”- Anonymous. “Who you hang out with matters more than you may think. In fact, your net worth tends to mirror that of your closest friends”- Joseph Siebold. I will advise you to review your friends circle every 4 months and get closer to friends whom your present worldviews and thought patterns aligns and reduce a level of contact with people whom you are not going the same direction with you in life(Please don’t sideline them. Just reduce the level of communication a bit. Everyone in life matters!). We become like the people we associate with, and that’s why winners are attracted to winners.

4. Give: Giving is a habit that should be part of your life. Stinginess won’t take you far in life. Giving is a kingdom principle. It is an act of service to humanity. It is an investment that always pays off. Pay your Tithe and be intentional with it. Learn to say ‘No’ to MOST financial requests. Help your fellow humans, but do not impress or borrow out cash at any incoming request. It is better to give the ‘little you can afford to help’ than to borrow. Wisdom is profitable to direct!

5. Live without debt: Living life without debts should be one of your financial goals. Debt is something you should be wary of. One thing about debt is that it’s easy to take a loan and extremely hard to pay off. The more debt you are in, the more money you are robbing your future self of. If you borrow, do well to pay as soon as money comes into your pockets. If you’re a chronic debtor, please do well to stop the habit, it will ruin you, please start paying your debtors, if at all you are owing. A debt free life should be one of your lifetime goals.

6. Make a budget and set financial goals: The best way to guarantee all bills are paid and savings are on track is by making a budget. Set goals for your finances. Short term goals and long term goal. I will teach you how to make financial goals, soon.

7. SAVE to INVEST: Do not spend every money that comes your way. Abeg no chop all your ‘alwolf money’, save part of it. You should have AT LEAST two bank accounts. One for your personal day to day dealings, and the other strictly for savings with the aim of investment. And you should not get a credit card for your savings account or activate mobile banking, lest you make use of the cash when any need arises. When you’ve cash that you won’t use for the moment, do well to send part of it to your savings account and let it remain there until you see right and genuine platforms and businesses to invest the cash.

8. Negotiate: Negotiating for goods and services does not make you seem cheap. Negotiate, it will lead to a discount! You will save thousands of naira at the end of the year if you negotiate, please don’t be in a hurry to pay for goods and services without negotiating except in few cases that the goods or services are at a fixed rate.

9. Live within your means and in line with your earnings: You won’t be awarded for being the ‘highest spender’ among your ‘circle of friends’. Don’t spend unnecessarily or get things that won’t be of use to you now or later. Impress no one with your spendings, please live in line with your earnings, please take proper care of your health too and be responsible for your financial decisions.

Have you gotten value from this post? If yes, please do well to drop your comments on what you’ve learnt thank you.

WRITTEN BY Simeon Malachy – Levit8 Member and founder, Exceptional Singles Network.


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