These past years, Nigerian gospel music artiste, Nathan Florocka, popularly known as Flo, has been shaping pop culture with not just his music but with his musings on social media too.

From blessing lives with hits like TWALE (One of our content admins said the song was her favorite in her teen years), to putting up quotes and posts that brings God’s clarity on popular culture, Mr. Florocka has been a voice in the wilderness of pop culture.

Our admin had a chat with him over a post he did recently and he was kind enough to expound on it and give us an expounded version to share with you here. Go ahead and read this up and share with your male friends, colleagues and family members.

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MR. FLOROCKA SPEAKS – Whose Definition of a Man are You?

There is a dichotomy in the definition of ‘who’ a MAN is, according to ‘society’ and ‘God’.

Society defines ‘a Man’ by strength; his capacity to earn, his looks & influence. Many men have been raised with this erroneous belief system. It has thus become a nature; a default setting for most men today. Many men’s value systems are based on this false doctrine. Many men have lost relationships, broken marriages, committed suicide simply because they have not met up to this standard.

Sadly, a lot of women have also bought into this lie. Many women base their choice of a spouse based on these conditions, whilst some in their marriages ‘subconsciously’ place tremendous pressure on their spouses to meet up with these requirements.

Even culture gives credence to this erroneous standard. Many young men are pressured into attaining standards that create competition and inevitably destroy not just the self confidence but the very fabric of the soul.

Gods’ definition on the other hand, is simple & succinct; a huge deviation from the present status quo. When God thinks ‘Man’, all He’s looking for is – CHRIST. Gods’ standards are not predicated on the fulfillment of carnal statutes. God does not intend to create standards that erode the soul. From Gods’ perspective, a man is he who can attain the stature and nature of Christ. Any standard lower than Christ is not to be considered as a yardstick for living.

The standards which the world sets for becoming a man will surely erode the soul. Gods’ definition of a Man is he who can be a full time habitation for Christ and ultimately God. God is eternal and His value systems are built from His very nature. Gods’ ultimate plan is to take man away from the corruptible standards set by this world and bring Him into Eternal dominion.

The standards of this world will only make a soul fully carnal.

So I ask, whose definition of a Man are you?



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