Here is a fresh new tune from Ghana’s most visible urban gospel torch bearer, Miss Walters. The track has been anticipated ever sine she put out word that it is coming along with a cover that caught our eyes.

Are we disappointed after listening to it especially with all the anticipation?


It’s quite catchy and we totally enjoy it.

For all those who were waiting, it is finally here. If you didn’t know it was coming, oh well, it is your lucky day, download it below and enjoy;



So we asked Miss Walters what Wo Bo No Ose means and this is what she said;

“It means Hail Him. The song basically talks about the goodness of God how real and true God is and affirms that all riches comes from him. It talks about how satan deceives and give you something like riches and use it to destroy you but God gives you unlimited riches with eternal life. So we ought to Hail Him and  Praise Him for His goodness and come to Him… with me being an example of His goodness.I highlighted most of what I sang in English in the second verse”

Gotten the song yet? Go ahead and download it!





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