Not many must have heard the name, XROSS, especially in Africa.

Well, Levit8 Africa is here to bring you up on Christian Hip Hop (CHH) and in as much as we plug you to the present, we believe you need knowledge of the foundation.

XROSS is known to have been in the Christian Hop scene for over 20 years now. He has had both Grammy and Stellar Awards nominations and is seen as a pioneer of sorts when it comes to  CHH.

He currently has four kids toeing the path in CHH and we sure can say, theie daddy paved the way.

What’s the juice on him today?

Well, he has switched his style up and now serves music in soulful renditions. He sort of left rap for his children to carry that torch abs yes, we are loving this new style.

Watch the video below to have a peep into his new style while we await the release of his new body of work coming up on March 10, 2020.




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