Omari is unarguably one of the most reverred rap voices that happended to the previous decade. Below are lyrics to this instant classic!

[VERSE – Omari]

Daughter, we could live life like it don’t matter
Hold my handI’d show you what happens in the Latter days
She ain’t a saint
but she had sex with a pastor once
She say her mind way sharper when she passing blunts

The irony, Iron Man in a plastic suit
She wants a Man with a Job rocking a Tie and suit
But all she gets is Married Men and Misguided youth
She insecure & obviously, she’s misguided too

Feeding off them Instagram likes and comments
She wants to stay in shape so she vomits
In the Toilet, stuffs her hand down her throat
Till she choke
Like she do when she smoke
After every meal, it’s hard to stomach

Twitter has become her Life
Now She craving for them Instagram likes
Bad girl pose, bad girl clothes
Sunday morning, she’d be dressed up looking contrite

Off to church, status update
After church, it’s her boyfriend place
He treats her like what she portrays herself to be
A prostitute, in her mind, ‘I’m a big disgrace’

Hurries out to leave his place
Things get messy, He’s abusive, Rage
Get’s home, Mum asks, what happened to your face?
Nothing Mum, I’m fine, I just need my

She not interested in the sermon either
Men are the same, either the Drunkard or the baptist preacher
And good guys come her way but she don’t recognize ’em
Friend zone, always heads home with the wildest brethren

When the Sun rise, she feeling guilty
She can’t remember a thing, but her body feeling filthy
Last night, he loved me, now he ain’t even tip me
Ugh, damn I hate it when men trick me

Tears flow freely, she blames her abusive past
Her promiscuity, she blames her abusive dad
Momma knew about it but she ain’t say Nothing
God knew about it too, why he let it happen?

All she knew as a child was abuse and pain
Every man she ever trusted turned out to be the same
The Only Man that ain’t seem to wanna get into her panties
Was a Jewish looking man on the wall, picture hung in a frame

He’s dead though, Or rather, dead and risen
She’s crying and her tears are the prism
Which she sees the world through, blurred vision, Her mind is a prison
But her body is a temple
It’s too dirty for God to live in

Wrong. Daughter, let the past go
Life is a game, God could get you past ‘go’
I’ve seen Lives change, that includes mine too
Christ changed my Life, he could change yours too

From yours truly, y’all knew me
I was so unruly
Christ came for the Sinners
I’m glad he knew me

[Hook – Omari]

Daughter, I could make you whole
Turn your ashes into gold
I could heal broken soul, Daughter

Daughter, let me take control
I see your scars, they beautiful
I’d heal your heart and fill it’s holes, Daughter


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