When we tag a song as INSTANT CLASSIC, it simply means its not just a catchy song but a hit.

For Sure is indeed an instant classic. It was done by Tbabz featuring Angeloh, two neo generation gospel artistes from Nigeria. Download, enjoy and check out the lyrics while at it.



I got my God with me

50 50 50 times I fall down

To the ground

50 times I get up again

(I get up again: echo)

He restores me when… I

Trippy trippy trippy

Till I stu… mble off the edge

But Tippy toe and I’m off again

(Tippy toe and I’m off again: echo)

When I was, All alone

He put families around me

And when I need to move forward

He brings the people that I need

I’m. not… Yet

At the top of my game

But the love of God be taking me places (oh wey!)

I’m. not… Yet

At the top of my goals

But the love of God be giving me graces (oh wey!)

Grace so ama-zing

Na the thing him dey show me

The love him give to me

E too much e dey troway (repeat all)

For sure

He no dey leave me alone

For sure

He put me in the zone

For sure

He make the Devil leave me alone

For sure

You better don’t go there

Better don’t go there

Don’t be about my daddy like that

I can understand

If you dont understand

The way it works out here,

You need to know that

My papa be with you

He’ll never leave you lonely

(Yeah yeah)

Closer than your brother and

Your hommie (yeah yeah)

Look to Him

He’ll never let you down (yeah yeah)

I am I am a testimony

So I confess boldly


Source: Musixmatch



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