As the current Covid-19 pandemic keeps the globe on lock down, there is need for everyone to join hands, and yes voices too, against it.

To this end, a revered Nigeria-based gospel music producer known as King Buskie has brought together various artistes across the globe to release a song called BETTER THINGS under the group name, VOICES ( Voices of Inspiration, Celebration & Encouragement against Covid 19).

You can call it a global choir of sorts because it has artistes from various places like India, USA, Nigeria, UK, etc.

Speaking about the project, King Buskie (the convener) said:

“At the onset of this pandemic, I looked around and saw the utter hopelessness, fear and uncertainties plaguing a lot of people in every nation. I felt inspired to write songs of encouragement, hope, protection and deliverance to sing people out of depression, dismay and discouragement. It’s obvious that it’s only God’s intervention that can save our world as it is now. The goal is to keep writing and singing and sharing these songs to encourage people across the world until this pandemic is over.The plan is to recruit like-minded and talented singers and song writers from around the world who can bring in their own uniqueness, spice and variety so we can achieve that global feel.”

Today, we are glad to share the first release off this project and it is called BETTER THINGS. It features the following artistes – Army of David, Rose Ezeukwu, John Hammond, Marissa Kee, Christiana White, Laureche, Gimras Wrigal, Michael Harry, Timaa, Amanda Beagle, Nadine Grisby, D’anointed, Sandra Harte and King Buskie.

Go ahead and download it below.




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