We recently did a ‘RogerThat Review’ of King Brandon’s INFINITY EP and spotted out a part of his lyrics that seemed like a sub on a popular Nigerian artiste.

Oh, he thought he would get away with it? (laughs)

Well, he said he expected it to be pointed out eventually and we are glad we cracked that coded lyric.

What did he say in the lyrics?

“Heading to the top I need no elevators. .. I’m on a mission you can’t sway me I’m a terminator… To switch up on the Gospel of Jesus that gave me life?… To all y’all thinking I’d pull a Remy boy I’d rather die (woah)”

It came coded but we decoded that he was talking about Rema, a popular Nigerian artiste.

Now, here’s what he said about this alleged sub and more in this QUICKTERVIEW we had with him:

King Brandon: I knew this whole sub thing was going to come up eventually (laughs). It wasn’t a sub, it was just an example of the path I wasn’t going to follow no matter people’s opinion. He’s my bro and I love and respect him regardless.

LEVIT8: So, tell us, why do you have this resolve to stick with the gospel even when a friend switched and became popular?

King Brandon: Why I am sticking with gospel music? Well for one this is my purpose, this is the reason why I was blessed with this gift in the first place (to spread the gospel) through my sound, through my lyrics. So I’m just fulfilling my purpose in life and there’s no greater joy than that

LEVIT8: What should urban music listeners expect from you anytime soon?

King Brandon: The urban music audience should expect a lot of content coming soon, a couple of collaborations, some new projects too. And if they haven’t checked out the last 3 projects they should do so. I’ve got a lot of stuff lined up. Oh, and I also just dropped the visuals to a song called Vision, it’s on YouTube and they can check it out

Yes, it’s a wrap. Ended too quick? Yeah, that’s why we call it Quickterview.

While we await more projects from Brandon, here’s the video of his new video called VISION.




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