Chike, formerly called Chyko, is a creative rapper and has proved to be a prolific story weaver with the release of his recent effort.

Titled “Follow You”, it happens to be the first single off the True Vine album featuring a singer called Tayo and a rapper called Tonywarp. Follow You is indeed a relate-able song that many will have on repeat after a first listen. We must say, Tayo and Tonywarp did incredibly well and we look forward to materials from them. 
 Here’s the Quickterview we had with him:

LEVIT8: Hello Chike. It’s a pleasure having this Quickterview with you. We’ve noticed your moves towards God’s kingdom over the years and your recent single; ‘FOLLOW YOU.’ We would come to it, but is there something you’d like to tell us about your journey so far and where you are right now with your music career?

CHIKE: Wow! My life’s journey so far has been amazing and tough at the same time. However, God has been faithful in every page. His infinite grace has made it amazing and he has also been a shield for me during the tough times.

At the moment, I am at a place of surrendering totally to God’s perfect will and letting Him direct the path of my music career. It’s not about what I want, but what He wants.

LEVIT8: Great. So you recently put out your first single off ‘The True Vine’ Album tagged “FOLLOW YOU” and gave our admin first listen privileges. We do love the song and it’s lyrics. So, tell us about this song. We noticed you have other rappers on it. Are you starting off a rap group or is there something more you’d want us to know?

CHIKE: Yeah… FOLLOW YOU is the first single off THE TRUE VINE ALBUM. It features myself, an awesome singer TAYO and an amazing rapper called TONY WARP. It’s basically like a movie. It’s a story about a young man seeking for power, wealth and fame just like every young man today, but he met two guys who introduced him to Christ and it totally changed his life for good.
Thus, the lyrics basically carries our struggles as God’s children and how He always comes through for us regardless of the situation.

Oh yes! I had other rappers on this single, but no, I am not starting off a rap group. For THE TRUE VINE project, I wanted to take the role of the producer and artist. I produced and wrote most of the songs, but however got other artists involved in recording it. So it’s more of a group of solo artists coming together to create magic.

LEVIT8: Sounds interesting. We’ve seen that the song is out on paid downloads and streaming platforms. By just listening to the song, we could affirm that many people should get to hear it. Is there a plan to make a single or two available for people to listen free in order to give them a taste of the album before they purchase?

CHIKE: Yeah… FOLLOW YOU has been distributed to some major music streaming platforms such as Apple music, iTunes, Spotify, Audiomack and the likes. So that’s where listeners can stream and download…

LEVIT8: Don’t you think that might limit your listeners, especially those in Africa that may have issues with paying online?

CHIKE: We understand that, and that is why after a while it will be available for free download online, but currently, it is available to only those who have access to these music streaming platforms.

LEVIT8:  That’s a good strategy. What do you have to say about music streaming and other issues around urban gospel music in Africa?

CHIKE: Music streaming is an awesome tool. It gives artists access to potential listeners around the world.

The only issue I see in Urban Gospel/inspirational content is basically lack of good writing, quality visual production and advanced promotion. There are people out there who need our content, so we need to be dedicated to creating remarkable content, pushing it to these people and making it easily accessible to them.

LEVIT8: Alright. It was delightful having this Quickterview with you. Any parting words for our audience?

CHIKE: I must say, one issue I see in Christians who are artistes is the lack of unity and vision.

These gifts were not given to us to make money and live frivolously. Not at all!
If you align your talents with God’s purpose, you will understand that these talents are given to us to attract people so we can help them KNOW CHRIST.

So my final words are:
■Don’t follow your heart; Follow Jesus.
■Don’t believe In yourself; Believe in Jesus.
■Fear God and Keep His commands.

Let’s all come together to see what the Bible says and ask ourselves, are we really using our talents to live for Jesus and fulfilling divine purpose or are we self deceiving and using the name of Jesus to live for our own dreams and heart desires?

Thank You.

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