When it comes to gender and music, mainstream hip hop has been criticized for objectification of women through explicit lyrics and use of video vixens who portray womanhood in amoral undertones.
However, gospel urban hip hop is changing this narrative with lyrics and videos that does not only beautify the souls of women, but also uplifts the lives of men and glorifies God.
The male gospel rappers have taken a detour away from the women objectification through the years and it is imperative that we have more female gospel rappers become and stay visible in the genre.
Gladly, the voices of women are becoming heard in the hip hop genre. We therefore encourage more women to be part of this movement, even as we acknowledge five (5) female gospel hip hop artists who are currently impacting lives in Africa and beyond through their rap songs:
Born Yewande Isola, Wande is indeed one of the finest crop of female rappers to grace the mic. Little wonder she is signed on to one of urban gospel music’s revered label, Lecrae’s REACH RECORDS.
Yup, you heard right. Wande is a femcee on REACH RECORDS. She was born in Texas, USA, but her Nigerian origin is still part of her, especially in her name and choice of moniker.

Phlo-Girl (South Africa)
Phlo-Girl is one of the few female rappers holding it up for the gospel in South Africa. Based in Johannesburg, she has put out a number of tracks that include covers and her original songs.
She has her album, THIS IS WAR, as a true representation of her voice for the gospel. She also has a couple of videos on Youtube.

Bukola Folayan, also known as Bouqui, is one of the most visible female gospel rappers in Africa over the years. Bouqui can be classified among one of the first female rappers who
brought rap music to the forefront in Nigeria.
Her passion for music has driven her to produce amazing, inspirational and powerful word impacting songs with lyrics that promotes the gospel. She has also had a lot of power collabos in the past and recently. Two that comes to mind is the collaboration she had with American rapper, Da T.R.U.T.H and new gen rapper, Angeloh.

Miss Walters(Ghana)
We searched for female gospel rappers in Ghana and one name that stood out is Miss Walters. Linda Mireku Walters also known as Miss Walters is a rapper that has been holding the torch for the gospel in Ghana. She was recognized as the 2019 Ghana Urban Gospel Music Awards Rap Artist of the Year and the new Gospel Town Africa signee.
 She is one whom scriptures changed her heart and mindset and opened her up to the knowledge of Christ.

Amongst all the artistes listed here, SHANI is the freshest entry in the gospel music scene. She is the new kid on the bloc but she isn’t allowing her youth to be despised. With impressive collabos and catchy songs of her own, she has made her entry into the scene and we look forward to seeing her around for long.
Shani is a mulit-faceted creative. She produced and directed the video of her hit single, CHOCHA. She has followed that up with SEMA, another song with impressive visuals.

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