So, we got in the know of the 2020 released EP of urban gospel rapper, King Brandon. He had come into the urban urban gospel scene with a previously released project called “Brvdon Szn” in 2019.

Titled INFINITY, the new EP is a collective of 4 tracks put together to give the listener a proper intro and reintroduction of the artiste and his stance with the gospel.

The production is solid and his flows are impressive. However, the tracks seem so quick to end especially when a listener is just about warming into them. We checked and saw that all the tracks are less than 3 mins. That explains it.

We noticed this because his flow, delivery and lines are pretty impressive and just about when one is warming into it, the track ends.

We noticed a line in one of his tracks that seems like a sub aimed at a popular secular artiste that switched from gospel rap to  secular rap in Nigeria. Read on to the last to see it.

So, here’s a quick review of the tracks on the EP.

Track 1 – Vision

The EP starts out with this intro track to the EP and the artiste. Brandon states his position and makes declarations about the year. He affirms the lifestyle of a believer while making the Affirmations.


” So much drip and I don’t drown, Jesus did it all so I don’t frown”

“They’ve got a fairy tale… I’ve got the trinity”

Track 2 – Flex

On this track, Brandon drops fiery bars and displays his bragging rights over a thumping beat with a symphonic feel. His lines are punchy and drop in steady succession.


“Any red sea tryna block me, I  pull a moses on em mehn straight up dividing”

“Grace on me, brains on me, the boys switch lanes on me.. Then I realized we ain’t in the same race…”

Track 3 – How I Feel

On this track, Brandon pours out his heart on how he feels about what’s occurred in his life, especially with regards to music. The track highlights the disappointments, backstabbing and betrayals that made him almost quit school, music and even life. He ends it with the hope from the Holy Spirit and goes on to brag some more in the Lord.

#RogerThatLyric –

“So many snakes around me, I think I need some antidote”

“My Jesus walked on water so I’mon walk on the sky”

“Heading to the top i need no elevators. .. I’m on a mission you can’t sway me I’m a terminator… To switch up on the Gospel of Jesus that gave me life… To all y’all thinking I’d pull a Remy boy I’d rather die (woah)”

Now wait, When he said “pull a Remy boy” we think he is referring to an artiste that switched from gospel to secular and whose name has REM in it and is currently on a record label. We sure will ask Brandon if we are right about this assertion.

So that’s it folks. The fourth track we didn’t review is called How You Feel. Go ahead and get the EP and listen to it then tell us how you feel in the comment section 😁

Oh, by the way, the EP cover art was made my Angeloh, a CHH artiste.

Download EP


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