Limoblaze is one of Nigeria’s forefront new school gospel artistes heralding a whole new feel and appeal to gospel music. He has done a good number of collabos right from his year of entry.

Here, we present five tunes he made with other artistes that we find unforgettable and totally enjoyable.

1. No Longer Stressing feat. Pompi

Pompi is an urban legend in Zambia and is known to have been part of those who brought a new sound to Zambia’s gospel music. Hearing both of them on a track was a collabo to out for.


2. My Story feat. Da T.R.U.T.H

This is one international collabo we find very impressive. Da T.R.U.T.H blended in quite well and we love the fact that Limo kept the content African.


3. Protected feat. Proud Refuge 

This track is indeed a collector’s piece of music. Proud Refuge is a Kenyan rapper/singer. If there is one collabo we would expect from Limo and a Kenyan artiste, it’d sure be one with Proud Refuge. Yes, they did it.


4. Give Myself Away feat. CalledOut Music

If you know the two artistes, you’d know that this was indeed a collabo to look out for too. They both have a way of churning out sweet tunes and having them both on a track was indeed a delight.


5. Pray For Me feat Angeloh

Now, this was a collabo we sure would expect. Angeloh is another richly gifted rapper and singer. The song comes with a strong message and a mellow rhythm.


+ 1 MORE

Your Love feat DJ Horphuray

This is indeed a soar away hit. We got to hear DJ Horphuray on the intro and it sort of sets the pace for the energy we feel on the song.



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