Fresh new 2020 song from Zambia

Her sweet voice and lovely personality have blessed the hearts and ears of many, from her fans on facebook to the faithful listeners on different radio stations. She has been a source of inspiration to many and continues to minister to many with the grace of God.

A humble young lady born in Ndola Zambia has always had a passion for music, helping those in need and being a shoulder for people to lean on. She not only ministers through music, but community out reach aswell through her initiative, Jedidah Community School. So it’s a great honor to have her feature for the first time on our site.

retunes could not just sit back without having this anointed artist on our download roster. So we hit those numbers on our phone line and got on our knees to bring you the first tracks of Sife on retunes which are Wonderful and Filankonka…

Currently Sife has a new project on the market called “Wonderfull” and features a 13 track playlist. She bring in a new flava to the gospel scene. Accompanied with two powerful videos, her album is a must have.


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